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At I AM FOR DEVELOPER, we are specialists in selling real estate on the primary market. For years we have been providing specialised marketing services and implementing integrated processes to support the efficiency of developers' sales offices.

We know all about lead generation and conversion. The foundation of any sales manager's success is harnessing the synergy potential of marketing activities, as well as integrating schedules and campaigns with the tools used to optimise lead generation and conversion.
We offer comprehensive solutions to effectively increase real estate sales.

Depending on the development stage of the investment and the resources of the developer's sales office, we perform partial audits or build from scratch all 4 pillars on which the effectiveness of primary market sales is based:



Proper planning of schedules and delegation of tasks makes it easier for our clients to achieve their goals and forms the basis for marketing synergy. Each task supports the others with its effectiveness, and they consistently build on each other – creating a coherent path to achieving the set sales targets.


graphic design service

Our experience in design for exclusive developers enables us to generate additional value through the image of the property. We adjust the graphic design of all materials that a potential client encounters to an image strategy aimed at generating valuable demand.


Process planning
and optimisation

Our experience in generating real estate sales has enabled us to capture the most effective ways of acquiring clients in repeatable processes. In turn, analytical tools, statements, indicators and reports enable us to continuously improve results – to support sales staff in their daily work and managers in monitoring the team and reporting.


valuable leads

We focus our work on generating leads that convert. By integrating image and communication activities with smart campaigns and CRM sales funnels, we generate a range of client enquiries for the developer. We facilitate the sales process by supporting sales staff with lead handling, training, indicator analysis and optimisation.

The effectiveness of the support that I AM FOR DEVELOPER provides to developers’ sales offices is a direct result of our industry experience and narrow specialisation. We understand the challenges faced by sales managers and have proven solutions to help them succeed.



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